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Individualized diagnostics as the value driver of personalized medicine

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Provision of fast, cost-efficient, and user-friendly in-vitro diagnostics

Research & Development

To develop innovative diagnostics for personalized medicine is the core business of the Companion Diagnostics Network comprising both the development of novel biomarkers and of novel technological solutions. Here the network is able to revert to a broad spectrum of methods that paves the way for developing novel biomarker strategies and for providing innovative diagnostics for all requests in both clinical routine and research.

Intensive Cooperation with Clinical Partners

The Companion Diagnostics Network maintains co-operations with numerous medical laboratories and partners from universities and clinics. They not only give the impulses to initiate our research and developmental projects but also help to realize the vision of supplying every patient with the optimal therapy. Taking advantage of the direct knowledge transfer novel evidence-based findings will be translated into market-ready diagnostic products and services.

You have promising biomarker candidates?

You have promising biomarker candidates?

You need a diagnostics to develop your pharmaceutical?

Than contact us. The network management searches for suitable industrial partners for any diagnostic request on your behalf. We organize communication, e.g. teleconferences, business meetings and – also free of charge – the whole interface management in case a project with our partners is initiated: A single contact person coordinates all project phases while you benefit from the network’s competences entirely. Besides R&D competences you will have access to partners with expertise in all areas such as certification, approval and reimbursement as well as for the production and distribution of diagnostics.

Financial Support of R&D Projects

R&D project that result from the work of the Companion Diagnostics can be supported by the Zentrales Innovationsprogramm Mittelstand (ZIM, central innovations program mid-sized sector) either as a cooperation or single project funding or alternatively by other R&D funds from the Federal Republic of Germany, states of Germany or the European Union. Small and medium-sized companies are funded by the ZIM program with up to 50% of the eligible costs. Moreover, expenses of academic partners are refundable with a funding rate of up to 100% if they cooperate with industrial partners which get funding for subprojects.

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analytica 2014: Chairman of the Board Dr. Jörg-M. Hollidt on Companion Diagnostics
analytica 2014: Chairman of the Board Dr. Jörg-M. Hollidt on Companion Diagnostics


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